Corneal Cross-Linking FAQs

What Happens During Cross-linking (CXL)?

Corneal cross-linking is a medical procedure to strengthen the cornea, the eye's clear front surface. This procedure is primarily employed in treating keratoconus and sometimes for other corneal conditions. If you have certain eye diseases, you're more prone to this condition. The cross-linking weaves college fibers together to support the cornea better. Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO, can provide this procedure. 

Corneal Cross-Linking FAQs

How Long Is Corneal Cross-linking Recovery?

Most people recover within a few weeks. Our eye doctor will provide detailed instructions on facilitating the healing process. However, your vision may take up to six months to fully stabilize. Wear ultraviolet-blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes throughout the recovery period.

Is Corneal Cross-Linking Effective?

Corneal cross-linking has a high success rate for keratoconus treatment. CXL slows the onslaught of keratoconus, preserving your vision significantly. However, keratoconus may affect your eye, even after corneal cross-linking.

What Are Possible Side Effects?

All eye surgery comes with a certain risk. Ask our ophthalmologist about these and other potential complications:

  • Temporary Pain: In the days following your surgery, you may have sore eyes. This symptom is a typical part of the healing process.
  • Blurry Vision: You may have blurry vision for a few weeks as your eyes heal and readjust.
  • Redness and Irritation: Expect some redness and irritation following CXL. If your eyes don't clear or you develop symptoms, contact our eye doctor immediately.
  • Infection: There is a minimal risk of disease after corneal cross-linking. The better you follow the surgeon's instructions, the lower the risk.

Is CXL Right for You?

Ideal candidates have progressive keratoconus or similar conditions. Schedule an eye examination to begin the evaluation process. Our ophthalmologist will conduct corneal imaging to determine whether corneal cross-linking can alleviate your visual impairment.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Contact After Corneal Cross-linking?

After CXL surgery, our eye doctor will apply a contact lens to your eye. This lens acts as a bandage to protect your eyes as they heal. You'll wear the contact for about a week.

What Are the Long-Term Risks?

While the results of CXL are overwhelmingly positive, there is always a risk. Some patients experience corneal haze following surgery. This haze describes a cloudiness that develops over the cornea after surgery. Not only is this condition rare, but it's also typically minimal and may not impact your vision.

Why Choose Us?

Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO, has a staff of highly qualified eye surgeons ready to help you correct your keratoconus or similar condition. Contact us at (573) 441-7070 to schedule a consultation at our office! 


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