Oculoplastic FAQ

What Is Oculoplastic?

While it might sound like a fancy procedure, oculoplastic surgery involves any eye surgery in or adjacent to the area of the eye. This frequently includes the eyelids, the tear duct area, and underneath the eye. In some respects, oculoplastic surgery can be considered plastic surgery for the eye area, but many procedures within the category also address real eye issues that patients struggle with otherwise. Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO, can offer several services and help patients with difficult surgery. 


What Experience Do We Hold with Eye Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is performed by an eye doctor surgeon with added training specific to the procedures involved. This surgery goes well beyond the basic eye services provided by an optometrist. Several surgery types are included in this capability, including blepharoplasty, eyelid cyst surgery, eyelid laxity procedures, and ptosis surgical treatment, among others. Additional services can consist of work within the eye orbit cavity, the face around the eye, aesthetic improvements to the immediate area, and reconstructive surgery help for trauma patients.

Who Are Our Surgeons?

Our state-licensed ophthalmologist, Dr. McGarity, handles all eye surgeries and uses his experience to assist you. In addition, Dr. Adam Clarke, our knowledgeable ophthalmologist, can help you with any surgery. They are both board certified and have been in the practice for over three years. Because of the delicate nature of the eye as a sensitive organ, all precautions are taken with specialized care to ensure the safest procedures are followed.

Does My Surgery Need to be an Emergency?

As an ophthalmologist serving the greater Columbia area, Restoration Eye Care regularly provides oculoplastic surgery for patients of all ages. Whether you need help from a trauma injury or are just interested in cosmetic changes on an aesthetic basis, we can provide professional eye surgery support and assistance with our certified eye doctor team and office. Call us to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your needs. We would gladly answer your questions and show you what's possible with our practice and how we can help you!

Why Choose Our Oculoplastic Surgery Services?

We can provide references from past patients who are happy with the services received and go in-depth on what surgeries are possible and how our oculoplastic team can address your interests. We are also willing to take on challenging cases other eye offices might have deferred due to the difficulties involved. Don't feel like there is a bad question. We aim to ensure you know as much as possible about how we can help before a service is provided. But we will confirm you will be satisfied with Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO. Call our office at (573) 441-7070 to schedule an appointment.


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