LASIK Eye Surgery

When you have a vision prescription from an eye doctor to correct your vision, LASIK may be an option for you. It's a way to permanently change the shape of the eye so that light is processed differently. This is a type of laser surgery that can correct many vision problems. An ophthalmologist on our team can provide this surgery for you. When you're in the Columbia, MO, area, and you're interested in seeing if you're a good candidate for LASIK, give our office a call. We at Restoration Eye Care are here to help. 

Your Health History

When you see an ophthalmologist on our team, you will likely need to delve into your eye history as well as your overall health history. There are a lot of conditions and diseases that can make a patient a poor candidate for LASIK and we want to make sure that there is nothing in the way.

The ophthalmologist will talk to you about your eye health history. The goal is to make a significant improvement in the patient's vision. If this isn't possible because of eye health problems, the patent might not be a good candidate. An ophthalmologist on our team might examine your eyes as well as ask a lot of questions about your eye health. He might also ask for your general health history. Conditions like diabetes and autoimmune diseases can make healing harder and may keep patients from getting this surgery. 

Getting LASIK Surgery

The eye doctor might then examine your eyes before doing the surgery to make sure everything is okay. There might then be eye drops put in your eyes to keep them numb. With numb eyes, your surgery can start. 

The eye doctor will use a laser to change the curve of the cornea so that you can see better. He might cut a flap on your eye so that the laser can better do its work. Throughout the surgery, you should have only mild discomfort. It's a relatively short surgery, and you can go home right afterward provided that you have someone that can drive you home. 

Get LASIK from an Ophthalmologist on Our Team

When you need an eye doctor to do your LASIK surgery, call our Columbia, MO, office to make your appointment. Eye Dr. McGarity or eye Dr. Clarke would be happy to help. Call us at (573) 441-7070 for more information.

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  • I have had an excellent experience with Restoration Eye Care from the start through post-procedure. I cannot speak enough about the genuine care the staff and doctors provide. Dr. Timothy McGarity took time to call me the evening of the procedure and it was greatly appreciated. Their attention to detail and explanation of the process made me comfortable. Their services are highly recommended!

    - Jesse J. E.

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