Emergency Eye Care

Injuries to your eyes or certain eye-related conditions can lead to significant vision loss or even blindness if left untreated. Prompt diagnosis and treatment from your optometrist is crucial for preserving your eyesight. Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO, offers treatment for several eye emergencies to help you maintain healthy eyes and vision. Learn more about eye emergencies and how our optometrist can treat them below.

Emergency Eye Care

Common Causes of Eye Emergencies

An infection or injury that affects any part of your eye often needs emergency eye care. Some frequent causes of eye emergencies include:

•             Black eye or other injuries from blunt trauma

•             Foreign objects that penetrate the eye

•             Exposure to chemicals, like solvents or cleaners

•             Debris, such as dust, that causes injuries

•             Underlying conditions, like glaucoma

Symptoms to Watch Out For

You may experience several different symptoms when dealing with an eye emergency. Sand in your eye may cause redness and itchiness, while blunt trauma can lead to swelling and vision problems. Some signs of eye problems that need prompt care include the following:

•             Pain

•             Discharge or bleeding

•             Burning or a gritty feeling in the eye

•             Partial or total vision loss

•             Double vision

•             Sudden vision impairment

•             Increased light sensitivity

Specific symptoms mean you should seek emergency care at the nearest medical hospital. Go to the ER if you have eye symptoms accompanied by headaches, pupils of different sizes, and nausea. These symptoms may indicate a stroke or other health issues that require immediate attention.

How We Treat Eye Emergencies

The first step toward treating your eye emergency is scheduling an appointment with our eye doctor. Do not try to take out foreign objects or other debris stuck in your eye. Doing this could lead to further damage that causes vision loss or blindness in the affected eye. Our eye doctor will remove the foreign object or flush chemicals from your eye. For an eye injury, our eye doctor will close the wound and prescribe medication to help the eye heal. Surgery may be necessary for severe eye injuries. Our eye doctor can also treat underlying conditions, such as glaucoma or cataracts, to preserve your vision.

Visit Our Eye Doctor in Columbia, MO, for Emergency Eye Care Today

If you are experiencing an eye emergency and require prompt treatment to preserve your vision, contact Restoration Eye Care in Columbia, MO, today. We can treat your eye injury or condition to help you see clearly and comfortably again. We also provide family eye care to ensure healthy eyes and vision through all stages of life, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (573) 441-7070.


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