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Refractive errors are more common than you might think. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means not seeing clearly from a distance or up close. You may also have astigmatism. LASIK eye surgery can be a good solution to correct vision problems by reshaping the cornea. Since it's considered a medical procedure, there are undoubtedly questions about it. Our ophthalmologists at Restoration Eye Care in Columbia will answer some of the most commonly asked questions below. 

Lasik FAQs

Who Can Benefit From LASIK?

Do you find it burdensome to keep wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses? LASIK is a procedure designed for adults over 18 who have a history of stable eye prescriptions. However, if you've been diagnosed with an eye condition (such as cataracts or glaucoma), you may not be eligible for the procedure. Pregnant women should not get LASIK either. Also, if you engage in physically demanding activities, like being in active service or competitive sports, you would also benefit.

Is LASIK Safe?

With any medical procedure, there are some risks involved. However, this procedure has greatly improved since it was first introduced. The risk of permanent complications is greatly reduced. At the same time, there's a huge reward for those who undergo this procedure. It's like being able to wake up and see clearly all over again.

What Can I Expect From LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is a relatively simple process, and you'll experience minimal discomfort throughout the procedure. It only takes about 30 minutes for each eye. You don't have to be put under general anesthesia, so the procedure is completely painless. Reshaping the cornea will help you see more clearly.

What Is Recovery Like After LASIK?

LASIK is still considered an invasive surgery, and you can expect some discomfort 24-48 hours following the surgery. It can feel like you have something in your eyes. There might also be an itching or burning sensation. It's recommended to avoid any strenuous activities. After a few days, nearly all patients start to see clearer than ever before. Our eye doctor will also follow up with you a few weeks after surgery to ensure everything went smoothly.

How Can I Find Out If I'm A Good Candidate?

Scheduling an appointment with our ophthalmologist is the first step in determining if you're a good candidate for LASIK. We'll conduct a comprehensive eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure. Additionally, we'll go over any questions you may have and explain our LASIK procedure to you. Our eye doctors will then discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of LASIK surgery.

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